Chocobo from Final Fantasy XIV

Who’s that? It’s Fluffernutters!

Fluffernutters likes to run. He is small now, but he can run very fast, and he wants to show it by carrying somebody one day.

He heard that some chocobos can fly. He hasn’t figured out how yet, but he believes that he can do it.

Fluffernutters is a good bird.

This is my first time trying something more realistic than flat cartoon characters, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Click here to see some in-progress shots

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Hobbes the stuffed tiger from Calvin and Hobbes

It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy. Let’s go exploring!

This is something I’ve been working on between other projects for a long time. Calvin and Hobbes meant a lot to me growing up, and it still does. It taught me that it was okay to have a rich inner life, even if it made me the odd one out.

Bill Watterson’s amazing watercolor Sunday strips made me want to learn more about the visual arts, and his own views that crept into the strip made me more media-savvy and questioning of authority.

I tried to make Hobbes here as authentic to his ragdoll origins as possible. I spent half an hour digging through old jars of buttons to find two that were just the right amount of mismatched. He’s as floppy as I could make him, with hand-stitching throughout to keep him sturdy enough to be dragged around all day.

I’m not keeping him, of course. There’s a kid whose birthday is coming up, and the last thing I’d want to do is keep Hobbes stuck on a shelf when there’s a new best friend out there waiting to meet him.

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Bird Person from Rick and Morty

Just another free bird who flew too high and loved too deep.

Bird Person from Rick and Morty was a real challenge. The request specified that he had to fit in with an existing collection of 6″ action figures, and that’s a lot of detail to cram in! I drew blood from multiple fingertips for this one.

Bonus behind the scenes shot showing an important part of my creative process. Even if it’s going to end up under multiple layers of sheet felt where nobody will ever see it, I don’t consider my work complete without a lovingly handcrafted butt.

Different angle this time so you can see my messy workshop

Salad Fingers

Oh my, Mr. Fingers, it’s lovely to see you today. And you’ve brought a friend, how delightful!

He certainly seems to be a jolly fellow.

These Salad Fingers dolls are part of a commission, and they were really fun to work on. Salad Fingers is a cartoon series created by David Firth and it is wonderful and horrifying.