Sugalite from Steven Universe

I finally finished my needle felt plush doll of Sugilite from Steven Universe.

It is fully posable and it’s the heaviest doll I’ve ever made. As much wool went into this one as all the rest of my SU dolls put together!

Little comparison shot I took while I was working. I’ve come a long way with faces in the last few months!

Bird Person from Rick and Morty

Just another free bird who flew too high and loved too deep.

Bird Person from Rick and Morty was a real challenge. The request specified that he had to fit in with an existing collection of 6″ action figures, and that’s a lot of detail to cram in! I drew blood from multiple fingertips for this one.

Bonus behind the scenes shot showing an important part of my creative process. Even if it’s going to end up under multiple layers of sheet felt where nobody will ever see it, I don’t consider my work complete without a lovingly handcrafted butt.

Different angle this time so you can see my messy workshop

Toriel and Sans from Undertale

Goat mom!

I made Toriel extra fuzzy and filled her with pillow stuffing, no wires or pipe cleaners.

Huggability was the first priority, but I’m really pleased with how her face turned out. I think it’s the best doll I’ve ever made.

Sans is extremely tiny, smaller than I was intending to make him, actually. I ran out of wool and had to improvise!

Salad Fingers

Oh my, Mr. Fingers, it’s lovely to see you today. And you’ve brought a friend, how delightful!

He certainly seems to be a jolly fellow.

These Salad Fingers dolls are part of a commission, and they were really fun to work on. Salad Fingers is a cartoon series created by David Firth and it is wonderful and horrifying.

Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls

I admit that the hat looks kind of janky, but it was important that it be removable for obvious reasons.

Without it, Dipper is exactly one millimeter shorter than Mabel.

Pearl from Steven Universe

Come on, Pearl, join everybody else at the party.

Pearl… Pearl, no. That’s worse. Okay, there we go.

This was one of the first dolls I ever made, and she just looked so sad that I just couldn’t look at her any more, so I remade her face. I also added pipe cleaners to her arms and legs for posability.