Plush Bowsette


My take on this weird, weird meme. I feel like too many depictions of Bowsette have little noodle arms. Even if the crown specifically turned the wearer into a clone of Peach, do you think Bowser would let that go on for long? Hell no, she’d hit the gym!

Plus I’m bad at making skinny limbs

Plush Opal from Steven Universe


This is my first time trying out some advanced techniques! It took months of trial and error to make the custom opal rhinestones, and the hair is made of acrylic yarn that I pulled apart strand by strand and then intentionally tangled up to get the necessary body. I hope it was worth it!

Fully Transformable Starscream Plush

Ten years ago, Hasbro made a transforming Optimus Prime plushie, and it’s one of my favourite transformers of all time. They haven’t made any more in a long time, so I decided to try and continue the line myself.

There are no buttons, wires or hard pieces, it’s simple enough for a baby to transform, and soft enough that you could give it to one! I’m thinking of making more of these, I have an idea for Blitzwing that would be surprisingly simple.

Yellow Pearl from Steven Universe

@justanotherelsen continues to send me photos of Yellow Pearl in her forever home, including this amazing handstitched screen-accurate outfit.

This is just so rewarding to see. Every time I see an awesome piece of art that has a hundred times more notes than I’ll ever get, I think of this. I’m so lucky that I get to see my work being played with and loved.

Pearl from Steven Universe in a Tuxedo

I’m super proud of how she turned out! She’s so posable that I decided to reenact some of my favourite dancing scenes from the show.

Here’s Pearl and Amethyst forming Opal from Log Date 7 15 2. It was really nice seeing how far their relationship has come, wasn’t it?

Who could forget this scene from Cry for Help? They were both so happy in that moment, it’s hard to think about the fallout.

And from flashback episode The Answer, we meet another Pearl for the first time and see our Pearl in action as a terrifying renegade. Wait, this isn’t right.

Did those two even meet each other?

Okay this definitely did not happen

That’s not even possible!





Blue Pearl from Steven Universe

This was my first time making doll clothes, and it was a big hassle! The first attempt to make her skirt went so badly that it actually caught on fire. Fabricland was having a sale on trim and ribbons, and I went for the glitter one because a Diamond’s Pearl should be as flashy as possible.

Since I started working with this stuff two weeks ago I have been picking glitter out of my clothes, food and hair.

Jasper from Steven Universe

Welcome to the gun show!

As long as I’m playing around with different styles, I figured I’d try felting some muscles instead of my usual noodle arms. And who better for that than a big, buff cheeto puff?

I realised something while working on this one. Steven Universe does a lot of work to associate strength with femininity. The small, physically weaker gems on the show (the real definition of ‘strength’ is another topic the show goes into great detail on, but that’s for a different discussion) tend to have short hair and flat chests. The quartz soldiers, on the other hand, are big and imposing, but they’re also the ones that have hourglass figures, long hair and thick eyelashes, all traditional signifiers of femininity. Rose and Jasper, the two strongest gems we’ve seen, even have pink hair! It’s neat.

I also noticed that she wears Dragonball Z boots, but that’s not as interesting.

My biggest feltie ever – Malachite from Steven Universe

Malachite is here, and she might as well have some fun!

I was worried I wouldn’t finish this one in time for May 12. It’s the biggest feltie I’ve ever made, and the first time I’ve made fully posable hands. They were a lot of work, but I’m really pleased with the results! She can even pick up and hold some of the smaller ones.

Sans is having a bad time, and she could literally squish Sardonyx right now, it would not be hard!






Chibi Sardonyx from Steven Universe

Good evening everybody, this is the tiny Sardonyx! Isn’t she such a little charmer? I could just squish her right now, it would not be hard!

Trying something new, and it turned out super cute! Garnet and Pearl love their baby fusion daughter.

Transforming Mettaton from Undertale


Feast your eyes, beauties! A transforming Mettaton doll!

I’ve been working on this for weeks, and I wasn’t sure I would actually be able to pull it off. If I ever tried making one of these again, I’d make the box a little bigger. It’s a very tight fit, and the velcro just barely keeps it all together.

I decided early on that I didn’t want his original body to be something separate that you take off and put aside, so came up with this battery backpack design. It’s inspired by a creepy duracell commercial from my childhood. My only regret is that it covers up his lovingly handcrafted butt.

His neck is extra long and his body is felted a little more loosely than most of my dolls to facilitate the transformation. I didn’t post any in-progress shots of this one because I didn’t want to ruin the reveal!






Chocobo from Final Fantasy XIV

Who’s that? It’s Fluffernutters!

Fluffernutters likes to run. He is small now, but he can run very fast, and he wants to show it by carrying somebody one day.

He heard that some chocobos can fly. He hasn’t figured out how yet, but he believes that he can do it.

Fluffernutters is a good bird.

This is my first time trying something more realistic than flat cartoon characters, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Click here to see some in-progress shots

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Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe

Cracked Gem Lapis Lazuli version 2.0! This new one stands about 14″ tall and has a fully posable wire armature. The mirror eyes are made from rhinestones glued on backwards.

I want to do more things in this scale. I can put in a lot more detail on the faces this way.

Hobbes the stuffed tiger from Calvin and Hobbes

It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy. Let’s go exploring!

This is something I’ve been working on between other projects for a long time. Calvin and Hobbes meant a lot to me growing up, and it still does. It taught me that it was okay to have a rich inner life, even if it made me the odd one out.

Bill Watterson’s amazing watercolor Sunday strips made me want to learn more about the visual arts, and his own views that crept into the strip made me more media-savvy and questioning of authority.

I tried to make Hobbes here as authentic to his ragdoll origins as possible. I spent half an hour digging through old jars of buttons to find two that were just the right amount of mismatched. He’s as floppy as I could make him, with hand-stitching throughout to keep him sturdy enough to be dragged around all day.

I’m not keeping him, of course. There’s a kid whose birthday is coming up, and the last thing I’d want to do is keep Hobbes stuck on a shelf when there’s a new best friend out there waiting to meet him.

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